Innovacon Systems is made up of a group of professionals that intimately understand the business processes and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) requirements of mining. This in-depth knowledge is the result of our team having individuals with 7 to 17 years work experience in systems related tasks on all facets of the mining business both in construction and operational phases.

We are system independent and are not affiliated with any particular ERP vendor. We have, however, worked with ERP vendors and their solution partners in delivering effective systems and solutions to clients. Since our specialty is on the business processing side, we participate as Project Manager, Integration Specialist and Business Analyst prior to and during an ERP implementation. In addition, we help setup effective support infrastructure just prior to going live and we are normally called upon to participate in continuous improvements once the system is live. We partner with IT professionals to ensure that the hardware that delivers the system is efficient, secured, cost-effective and scalable.

Finally, Innovacon Systems understands that the success of any system is ultimately in the hands of the stakeholders. Our proven methodology engages stakeholders from beginning to end clearly defining milestones and checkpoints ensuring that the best surprise is no surprise at all!